Delivering Dog Treats in a Time of COVID-19

Delivering Dog Treats in a Time of COVID-19

Since the emergence of COVID-19, Canadians have done a great job of rising to the challenge. By and large, we’re respecting physical distancing measures to protect ourselves and others, which has had a positive impact on flattening the curve and slowing the spread of the disease.

For dog parents, it was a relief that pet stores were included as essential services. After all, our pets still need to eat, and they definitely still need their treats! Still, as we make the effort to stay home as much as possible, it makes sense that a lot of us are eager to find alternatives to visiting brick and mortar stores to get what we need for our pups.

It had always been our plan to launch Jasper’s Pet Supply Co. on April 1st. That was Jasper’s birthday, which made it the perfect date to get started. However, like a lot of businesses, the pandemic took us by surprise and made us question whether the timing was still right. 

In the end, we realized we had a chance to provide pet parents with some peace of mind during these uncertain times. Not only can you buy our simple, healthy dog treats online, we also offer free one-day delivery across the Metro Vancouver area, as well as shipping anywhere in Canada. This means you don’t have to forego giving your dog quality treats just as you take steps to keep your family safe and healthy. Spoil your pup while you do your part to help stop the spread (and support a small local business while you’re at it!)

Here’s what you can expect when you choose our free one-day delivery: if you live in the Metro Vancouver area (check out our handy map below!) by 3 p.m., a member of our team will deliver fresh-baked dog treats right to your door by 5 p.m. the next day. Just like with food delivery services, our dog treat delivery in Vancouver is both contactless and convenient. 

To get free delivery, select “local delivery” during check out and provide your postal code. We’ll also get in touch on the day of your delivery to help determine the best time to drop off your treats!