Homemade Dog Treats: Are They Good for Your Dog?

Homemade Dog Treats: Are They Good for Your Dog?

When it comes to dog treats, you have a lot of options to choose from. Pet store shelves are lined with different brands and varieties like dehydrated meats and classic cookies, training treats, and even healthy vitamin supplements. But how do homemade dog treats stack up against these commercial options?

There are pros and cons to all dog treats, and homemade ones are no exception. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing homemade treats over store-bought varieties:

Simple ingredients

Most commercial dog treats are processed and contain a lot of ingredients you’ve likely never heard of before. Understandably, this can make some pet parents nervous. If you like to know exactly what your dog is eating, then homemade treats are the way to go. We’re proud of the fact that all of our treats are made with five or fewer ingredients that you’ll not only recognize, but probably eat regularly yourself! In fact, all of our homemade dog treats are human grade. (And we’d be lying if we said we don’t sample our own product from time to time.)

Shelf life and storage

In most cases, homemade treats are made without preservatives. While this means you can feel good about not introducing a weird ingredient into your dog’s diet, it also means the treats themselves keep differently than something you pick up off the shelf in a store. All of our homemade dog treats are baked fresh to order, which means they’re super fresh. To keep them that way—and to prevent them from spoiling—you should always store homemade treats in the fridge. When properly stored, our treats can last up to two months in the fridge!

Pro tip: Worried that two months won’t be enough time? Store the treats in the freezer instead, and just take out what you need day by day!

Hands-on quality control

Homemade dog treats are usually made by hand in small batches. The downside to this is that production takes longer than it does for commercial treats that are made in factories. But what’s lost in time is made up for with the ability to personally control every step of the process. At Jasper’s Pet Supply, all of our homemade dog treats are made by hand in our own kitchens, which means we know exactly what goes into every batch. (Spoiler alert: it’s love!)

If you think homemade dog treats are the way to go for your pup, let us help you treat them! We’ve got three great doggo-approved flavors to choose from, and free one-day local delivery too. Shop our dog treats now!