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All dogs are good dogs.

We have assembled a team of taste-testers (and we're constantly hiring). Join our team by emailing us at woof@jasperspetsupply.com


Lilo is still just a pup. She was rescued from northern Saskatchewan and found her forever home in Vancouver. Over the past year, Lilo has developed a quirky personality and does everything her way; From the way she sits to the way she catches she is all style. She is believed to be a Border-Collie x Husky and while there is probably even some sled dog in her she exudes the personality and energy of a Border-Collie. While you might be able to hear her bark ring through the mean streets of Burnaby, don't be scared, she loves to love. 


Skye is a 3-year old purebred Red Lab. Skye got her name because when she was born she had a blood clot in her tail and it was touch and go. But now, Skye lives in the Fraser Valley, where she loves to walk on trails and eat, like a true lab. 


Ben (also known as Benjamin) is a 10-year old Chihuahua x American Eskimo cross. Benjamin has lived a storied life having spent the first several years in Kelowna before his owner moved to Jasper and had to leave him with his brother. Since then, Ben has formed a special bond with his human. Ben might be small, and his bark is definitely louder than his bite but he's protective of those he loves.