Variety 3-pack
Variety 3-pack

Variety 3-pack

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Want to try them all? Try our most popular flavors.

  • Package Size: 6oz (2oz Pumpkin, 2oz Sweet Potato, 2oz Peanut Butter)
  • Oven-baked crunchy dog treats
  • Baked fresh daily
  • Handmade with all-natural ingredients
  • Contains no artificial flavor or dyes
  • Must be stored in the fridge

Just 5 Ingredients: 

Peanut Butter, Eggs, Honey, Baking Soda, All Purpose Flour  

Cal Fiber Protein Fat
15.6 cal/treat 1.46 g 0.36 g 0.78g
8oz (~75 treats)
1,170 cal 109.5g 27g 58.5g
12oz (113 treats)
1,763 cal 165g 40.7g 88g


Just 4 Ingredients: 

Pumpkin, All-Purpose Flour, Egg, Cinnamon 

Cal Fiber Protein Fat
8.9 cal/treat 1.76g 76 mg 0.104g
8 oz 
532 cal 105.3 g 4.55 g 6.21g
12 oz
798 cal 158.4 g 6.84 g 9.36g


Our treats are baked fresh everyday. We use all-natural ingredients; We don't like using any additives. 

That means the storage of our treats is really important. 

How to store our dog treats to ensure they stay fresh, longer

Refrigerator: We recommend storing all treats in an airtight container in the fridge. This way treats will last up to 2 months. 

Freezer: If your pup is going to go through smaller quantities, it would be worth sticking some In the freezer as they can last 3-5 months in the freezer.

Countertop: We advise against keeping our treats out in the open. Our treats will likely last 7-10 days on the counter. 

We recommend keeping our treats in the fridge to ensure maximum freshness to protect from going bad. 

Just 4 Ingredients

Sweet Potatoes, flour, applesauce, eggs 

Cal Fiber Protein Fat
4.8 cal/treat 0.1g 55mg 75mg
8 oz 
610.7 cal 12.8 g 7g 21.8g
12 oz 
859.5 cal 18.1g 9.8g 30.6g


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